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New GRP Porch roof, Ringmer

A GRP roof is a single-ply GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) laminate applied in situ over a good quality conditioned plywood or OSB3 deck. CSM (Chop strand mat) is then placed on top of the new boards which is coated in resin which created a very strong bond to the boards and very watertight once this process is complete the roof is finished with a coat of pre-pigmented ‘topcoat’.

New GRP flat roof, Worthing
New GRP flat roof, Worthing


How long will a GRP flat roof last for?

On all our new GRP roofs we give a standard 25 year, manufacture backed guarantee, But it is very common and possible for a well installed GRP flat roof to last in excess of 50 years. Research has shown GRP doesn’t really deteriorate, in fact in the testing periods that have been trialled, it has remained in the same condition throughout. Some experts would even argue that GRP could potentially last a lifetime.

Whats colour does GRP come in?

The standard colour is (lead) grey but thanks to advances in recent technology, GRP can be manufactured in a range of different colours, with something to suit every need.

Is GRP expensive?

No, In most cases GRP is usually cheaper (and much safer) for the customer compared to a three layer felt system, and could last over 3 times as long, It also adds value to your property.

Is GRP safe?

Yes. GRP fibreglass roofing is incredibly safe and very, very waterproof. The materials are cold-applied so there is never any danger from flames as used in other applications. If you require features such as non-slip grit, fire retardants etc. just ask.

GRP is the best way to replace your flat roof, Our team are fully insured & qualified GRP installers & have year of experience in GRP roofing.

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