Tile & Sale Roofing


Re-Roofing Existing Slate Roofs

When Re-Roofing or Extending an existing roof, We suggest replacing or matching the existing tiles with “Like for Like” to keep in with look of the surrounding area.

Roofs can be decades old before they need to be re roofed. Many old roofs still have the original slates on with no felt beneath. Over time the fixings can begin to fail and the slates slip. Slipped slates can be re-sited using lead clips but do not always look as aesthetically pleasing as the lead clip is surface showing.

When ever we strip a slate roof we always look to salvage reclaimed slates which are cleaned and ready to match in. New slates are available, but these don’t match in with weathered slates.

New Timber Roof Truss, Saltdean
New Timber Roof Truss, Saltdean

New Roofs

We offer replacement roofs and new roofs for extensions.

Our roofs are built by either us, or by a joiner and comply to building regulations using C16 timber and calculated to carry the weight over the span of the existing area.